Six underground u.s. Nuclear fuel tanks leak

Six underground u.s. nuclear fuel tanks leak

While this is disturbing news, there are no health risks at this time, CNN, among others, quoted the governor as saying on saturday. Energy minister steven chu informed him at a meeting.

Hanford considered the most seriously radioactively contaminated place in the western hemisphere, according to CNN. Plutonium was produced here in the 1940s and during the cold war for the construction of atomic bombs. Later, several nuclear reactors were added, the last of which closed in 1987.

Already a week ago there was talk of a single lick. Even then, inslee had declared that there were no acute dangers for the people. It will take quite a long time for the nuclear waste to reach the groundwater or the nearby columbia river.

According to media reports, a total of 177 tanks containing nuclear waste are stored underground at the plant in the northwestern united states. Already in the past there had been reports of leaks in the outdated keepers. Although a redevelopment of the area is underway and is supported with billions of dollars from the U.S. Federal treasury. But cleanup will take decades, says CNN.