With good intentions into the new year

With good intentions into the new year

At the end of the year of the fvgg bayern kitzingen, peter geisel, bernhard vollhals and klaus fritz were honored for 25 years and rainer kaiser and heinz schwarzbach for 40 years of membership by the chairman hans schardt.

The highlight of the honors was the award of the golden ring of honor for outstanding services to the association to ago lenz. The 81-year-old has been a loyal member of the kitzinger bavaria for more than 50 years, taking on numerous functions and tasks during this time, and has always been concerned about the well-being of his club.

Not only as a groundskeeper, but also in youth work, on the committee and on the board of directors, lenz contributed selflessly over many years.

Schardt thanked the numerous officials and volunteers, sponsors and sponsors, trainers, coaches and players, parents and helpers, who made it possible again this year to organize the games of all teams and to fill the club with life.

"We tried to make the best of our situation," said schardt, referring to the difficult athletic situation of the first and second teams, which are threatened with another relegation to the bottom at the end of the season after being relegated from the national league and county division. "We had to solve many problems and made some mistakes.

There is still a lot of work to be done on and off the pitch, but things can and will get back on track if we stick together and work hard," said schardt, appealing to the bayern family.

Positively he highlighted the successes in youth work. The club, which has around 550 members, has one team in all age groups, and even two in the younger years.

The b-juniors are currently celebrating success as first in the district league.

"We want to be a safe home for young people, active people and senior citizens," said schardt, recalling the purpose of the association beyond sporting successes. In the future, however, there should be no shortage of these at the bleichwasen. "We will do many things better in 2018," schardt promised.