Un: “deadly decade” for children in crisis areas

Un: 'deadly decade' for children in crisis areas

In the past decade, documented acts of violence against children in crisis areas have nearly tripled, according to a report by unicef, the u.N. Children’s agency. A "deadly decade" for children is coming to an end, unicef announced monday night.

Since 2010, a total of 170.000 serious abuses of children in crisis areas have been proven – an average of 45 per day. This includes, for example, killings, muzzling, sexual violence, kidnappings or attacks on schools or hospitals.

In 2018, the united nations reported 24.000 such acts – almost three times as many as in 2010, partly because more is being done to record and verify them. "Conflicts around the world last longer, unleash more bloodshed and cost more young lives," said unicef chief henrietta fore. Children in syria, the congo and yemen, among other places, are currently in a particularly bad situation. Children’s charity calls for better protection of children in crisis zones worldwide.