Is the stork coming to pfarrweisach??

Is the stork coming to pfarrweisach??

Arnold deininger from junkersdorf has observed that a stork has landed on the roof of the former baywa in pfarrweisach on a prepared rack for a stork nest. And indeed, high up on the building of the current owner markus oppelt, a female stork was enthroned, curiously looking around in all directions and not even being bothered by equally curious people on the ground.

Oppelt and especially the children of the kindergarten "pfiffikus" have also noticed this, the diagonally opposite. "They were very enthusiastic", says michaela steinrichter, educator at the kindergarten on wednesday. The little ones are a little sad because the stork has not been seen since monday.
But the educator looks again right away. The stork is not there, the children are a little disappointed that the stork is again scarce.

Markus oppelt reports that his mother saw a stork flying over her house in april 2014. "I couldn’t quite believe it, but my neighbors have confirmed it", says oppelt. He also informed the landesbund fur vogelschutz about the "incident" reports. "At that time I was told that there are no breeding pairs of storks in lower franconia", remembers markus oppelt.

After describing where he lives, he was told that his house is suitable for a stork’s nest. "At the end of this conversation, i had already received instructions for building a stork’s nest, which i had received by e-mail from the state association for the protection of birds." Two days later, a nest in the form of a ridge turret was already ready.

Since, as local councillor oppelt says, the kindergarten in pfarrweisach is very close to his heart, he contacted the management of the facility and met with great enthusiasm from both the teachers and the children for the idea of building a stork’s nest. This is then the "top theme in kindergarten" been.

At the beginning of may 2014, janina kempf, an environmental education officer from the state association for the protection of birds in veitshochheim, came to the kindergarten and inspired the children with her explanations about storks. With the turntable ladder of the fire department ebern was the gerust for the nest on the roof hoisted and fixed. "Even then, janina kempf said that "experience shows that a new nest is only accepted after several years", recalls oppelt.

Michael grob’s announcement that two storks had landed on the nest about eight weeks later was all the more gratifying. Unfortunately, the stork’s luck was short-lived. "The two probably did not want to be the first occupants" oppelt believes. A year later, a stork appeared again – but only for three days – and could be seen on the roof of the church.

"In 2017, my wife and I decided to bring the nest up to scratch. We collected moss and twigs, the ebern fire department came again with the turntable ladder to help. Last monday there was a stork and michael grob observed that the stork brought nesting material.

On wednesday the stork still turned a few rounds around the nest with nesting material in the beak, but then turned away again. "I certainly hope that it will come again and that a pair of storks will settle on our roof," explains, says oppelt. He gives the hint that grob has also installed a device for a stork nest on the hose tower of the fire station in kraisdorf. "Now it is time to hope and wait. It will be exciting to see which nest – the one in pfarrweisach or kraisdorf – storks will adopt permanently first", says markus oppelt. He would be especially happy if the stork came to pfarrweisach: "if only because of our kindergarten children."