Bissel’s all-around attack on gorr & co.

Bissel's all-around attack on gorr & co.

Christoph boger

the relationship between the two french national handball league teams HC erlangen (1. League) and HSC 2000 coburg (2. League) seemed to normalize in recent months. Recently, the former arch-rivals also contested a friendly comparison in the HUK-arena (22:29). Players, officials and even members of the supposedly hostile fan clubs exchanged many a compliment with each other.
But that was to be the end of it as of today, because lawyer dr. In a report published in the suddeutsche zeitung (SZ) on wednesday evening, carsten bissel pulls out all the stops and criticizes the HSC 2000 coburg in the harshest possible way.

"Truthful" declarations

Jan gorr in particular is in the crossfire of his criticism. In an interview with the SZ, the chairman of the erlanger supervisory board speaks of an "unbelievable failure," among other things in coburg. In connection with the economic conditions in erlangen and coburg, the following is quoted: "i find it remarkable that the unsuccessful trainer gorr is once again untruthfully declaring that we are miles ahead of him economically. But he knows exactly that last year we had the same personnel budget as coburg. It’s not our fault that he’s simply not in a position to do more than he has to do. The sporting result has nothing to do with money, but only with the question of whether I am putting together a real team capable of development with foresight and patience, or whether I am buying a bunch of players for a lot of money." Bissel also criticizes the HSC coburg for not being willing to talk turkey: "when this budget envy discussion from gorr came up, i offered to have an independent auditor look at our annual financial statements and explain the differences. There came naturally no answer from coburg. Why probably?".
Bissel admits that he is "sometimes annoyed by this envy-driven discussion from coburg", even if he understands it naturally as a rough acknowledgment. Bissel’s "all-around" statement is completely unexpected for many at this point in time in the direction of HSC coburg there was an article in the SZ of 11. January of this year. Among other things, it was about circle runner jan schaffer, who changed in the winter from the french rival DJK wolfe rimpar to erlangen, and about nico budel, who had already decided last summer for a change from the HSC to erlangen.
Coburg’s trainer and sporting director jan gorr was asked about the economic conditions in this context and simply stated: "erlangen is marching away at the front. Especially economically, they are a giant leap ahead of us." This statement apparently angered the influential erlanger functionary to such an extent that he opened up old wounds and came to the following conclusion in the SZ: "i think mr. Gorr is trying to justify his inconceivable failure, among many other excuses, by explaining that he is so economically disadvantaged that he can’t achieve more with the budget than is the case at all."
The complete interview with the HCE supervisory board boss can be read on the suddeutsche zeitung online portal.