Exciting color experiments

Kronach – known far beyond the borders of the district for her works of light art – the giant poppies shone at light events all over germany – andrea lieb also sets radiant accents with her colorful paintings. After an exhibition in 2015 in the gallery in the district office kronach and 2016 in the counter hall of the sparkasse kulmbach/kronach in kronach, the latest pictures are now to be seen in the store windows and in the shop optik lieb, spitalstrabe 8 in kronach during store opening hours. The exhibition can be visited until saturday 29. February, can be visited.

In their expressive images, soft color gradients alternate with strong contrasts. Multiple layers of glazing on top of each other create entirely new, delicate color effects. Powerful, boldly placed contrasting colors bring dynamism and power to the paintings. Lines draw traces, break up the flats, create new axes of vision and direct the gaze through the pictures.

The artist experiments with a wide variety of materials and tools. Brushes and paint rollers are used as well as shapers, sponges and small wooden sticks. With sand and putty, she succeeds in creating structure and depth in her paintings. Olpastel chalk, salt, pigments and acrylic paints in alternation create their very own color transitions. Each of your paintings is created in a living process. Colors will be applied and taken away, hidden and partly made visible again. A new color flat puts another picture plane in the focus and thus demands a new weighting of existing picture elements. Thus andrea lieb creates from her initial ideas very individual and lively pictures.

She herself says: "i love the way my pictures develop. Sometimes i start with softly flowing color transitions, only to challenge and interrupt this uniformity with energetic brushstrokes and bright colors. Then again, the pictures at the beginning are so gaudy and colorful that I have to calm them down with bright soft color patches."

It was very exciting and new for her to work in series. Sometimes they have so many ideas that a single picture would be overloaded with them. "When I work on several pictures at the same time in one format and the same main colors, I can give each idea its own space and create very different impressions despite the commonalities", she continues.

Here she is very grateful to the lecturer of her last painting course, angelika biber, for completely new suggestions and techniques. "She has given me a lot of new impulses for my artistic development. This also goes down well with the viewers of my pictures. They often ask with interest about material and technique", is pleased andrea lieb. Moreover, the fine structures are a great "eye test" for the new glasses of her clientele.