Fears and forecasts in hochstadt

fears and forecasts in hochstadt

The retro country house style jacket could also have been worn by paul podolay. Because the direct candidate of the afd, a 71-year-old spataussiedler from pressburg, lives in munich. According to his habit and diction, however, he is very much in the line of an old austrian distinguished gentleman.
With him, it’s hard to imagine that in less than a minute and a half, he uses fakal language seven times, like the stockbroker dirk muller (mister dax), who was featured in a trailer at the election campaign event on the lauberberg mountain. Podolay is reserved, his appearance lasted only a few minutes. In a low voice, he presented the summary of a projection by gunnar heinsohn, which was projected on the screen at the same time. Gunnar heinsohn predicts 40 million migrants and their descendants in germany in 40 years – well rounded up several times.
Afterwards, podolay passed the booklet on to christian bessler, the man who wore the vintage clothing stucco. It suits him, because he is a self-confessed franz josef straub fan who complains that edmund stoiber (75) and gunther beckstein (73) do not get involved in the current political debate.
Bessler, the chairman of the afd local association aischgrund/hochstadt, was JU chairman in his hometown more than 20 years ago. By his own admission, he kept his distance from political activities for two decades before joining the afd and founding the local association in may. As straub, who in turn quoted martin luther at the time, bessler now wants to look the people in the mouth.
For him, the first obstacle is the GEZ television fee. And the abolition of the 500-euro bill. He must have been happy to put it in his savings sock, because he is convinced that this instrument of money storage will happily celebrate its revival, since the "no longer existing banking secrecy" will make it possible to save money in the future many people have to cope. Bessler sees it as a restriction of freedom. "Fight for not to make us transparent", asked the 40 or so people in the audience, most of whom were of an age that made it difficult for them to implement the election slogan "new german economy"? Let’s do it ourselves".
Money, or more precisely the euro rescue package, was the motivation for siegfried ermer to join the afd in 2013. Today, he is their district chairman and thus also responsible for what he considers to be the "red-grun soaked" erlangen. In this function, he took a rough part of the event on the lauberberg, up to the reference to the house right and pseudo praise for the press. He especially emphasized that the listeners should be present at the public voting after the end of the election.
In the last state election, there were inconsistencies, he said, which is why people should use ballpoint pens instead of the pencils on display for their crosses. And: that election workers can also be citizens of whom one does not know "what makes one or the other tick".
This probably refers to people from the "mainstream" that he often and frequently refers to, which restricts freedom of opinion if it does not conform to it.