The week: rest, vacation and little light

The week: rest, vacation and little light

On days like these, you have to make a little effort to stay in a good mood. It has become real autumn. Fog, light drizzle rule, in addition the cold creeps around the houses. Everything included that you don’t really need.

In addition, there is another blow that could be printed on the gemut. The kirchweih season is over. When the albertshofers start dancing, it’s over with the hasenpfeffer& co. A difficult time, until in two weeks – this year punctually at the beginning of december – at the first advent it lights up again.

So rather quiet these days. How to take it. In volkach, before, during and after the decision on the construction of a possible bypass, things were not quiet at all. This has been the case since the beginning of the discussions. Which is shown by the fact alone that a record-breaking five citizens’ initiatives for or against one or the other variant are taking the stand. Impression from afar: this is not through yet.

In kitzingen, however, there was calm on the front lines. The lord mayor is on these days around his birthday and that of his wife – they have on the same day and that still on the 11. 11. – disappeared on vacation. For one week, deputy klaus christof was boss in the ring. But even that has not led – this time – to any eruptions.

And on the weekend it is a pity that the city museum has moved its planned festival of lights around old french winter customs to the museum. The planned use of candles and lanterns in the sieboldsgarten on the garden show grounds against the spirits of darkness had been able to bring a little light into the darkness. But maybe this saturday at 5 p.M. There will be tips on how the original friar dealt with the perpetual gray on days like these.

The week always takes a look back on saturdays at what our authors have noticed in the past seven days.