Commemoration for daschner

At its meeting on monday afternoon, the habberge district council paid tribute to the memory of ex-county councilor emil daschner (SPD), who died last weekend at the age of 84. After the obituary of district administrator schneider (CSU), the district councilors rose from their seats in the meeting room of the district administration office in habfurt.
Emil daschner served 36 years as a county councilman. He was a member of the county's municipal parliament from 1978 to 2014.
Wilhelm schneider paid tribute to the deceased colleague, sometimes with personal words. He called daschner the "cornerstone of the district council".
The district administrator literally emphasized: "he was the open, straightforward, hard worker who didn't mince his words when it was necessary. He could be very emphatic when he saw injustice and lack of plan. With his determination and consistency, he sometimes did not make things easy for those around him. He could discuss very intensively. We all knew that he was driven by his convictions and never by his personal profile."
Wilhelm schneider also spoke the "sensitive side" from emil daschner on, when it came to the concerns of people. And the district administrator recalled a series of serious personal strokes of fate that had struck emil daschner in recent years. "His courage and strength to endure it all is to be admired."