Buttenabend in schonderling

Buttenabend in schonderling

Lena brand was quite excited when it finally became "serious" on saturday evening: the eight-year-old had been invited as a "wild party girl" her first official appearance at the buttenabend in schonderling. Already an hour and a half before they sab with the other "girls" in the youth group room of the sport home, make-up and hair was done. "Since november, we have been working with the girls once a week", says birgit muller, who rehearsed the dance together with daniela brand. And while matthias schaab and felix dorn seem to bury the audience on the stage of the sports center in a relaxed and light manner in the crowded hall, the "wild girls" bounce in the stairwell nervously from one fub to the other.

And then – finally – the time has come: the stage is set for the "wild party girls". Armed with balloons, the young ladies dance in to the tune of "99 luftballons" they dance their choreography, not quite flawless, of course, the excitement, nevertheless: applause and shouts of approval are sure for them. A FSV-order for all, lena brand is enthusiastic: "it glitters already" – and it is her first award.

Gerhard morber, who has already won several FSV medals with his witty thoughts and in a quirky "seppl outfit", is the most successful member of the FSV ruthlessly examines what happens in the big and small world on a daily basis – or what is missed. He is a firm coarse at the buttenabend, how many orders he already has, he can not say at first go.
Felix dorn, who made his debut as a sovereign moderator, had an experienced "colleague" at his side in the form of matthias schaab. Schaab, who has been a cabaret artist at FSV for years and shows what acting talent and linguistic talent he has in him, once again convinced the audience with his pointed, effortless and light-hearted introductions. In the last few days and weeks, he has spent unpaid hours writing announcements, fine-tuning them in terms of language and content, preparing for the individual program points and making last-minute changes.

"Faithful guest" at the schonderlinger buttenabend is harald jorg from schondra. Together with his wife silke and their acquaintances they tailor each time according to the respective motto drifting funny costumes. "I like the FSV's supporting program very much, everything is very well organized, the program points are varied", he has to listen to the schonderlingers on the stage mocking the fact that the schondraers don't "bring a carnival event to the stage". Jorg takes it easy. He is surprised that a large part of the guests have little or no costuming.

Lena brand probably didn't notice any of this, proudly wearing a T-shirt printed especially for the evening, but only until the first intermission. Then it was home. "Because I am still too young, my mama says!" But: in two years, when it is again buttenabend, she may stay the whole evening, she has already "negotiated". And: "then I will participate again!" The FSV can use such players …

From the program
Tenore: not a dry eye was left for the three tenors called "die gemeinos", who sang with a driving chant and with a high level of body commitment "but you only exist once for me" belted. That the famous tenors were "real the local councillors norbert heil, frank brust and hubert schneider are, escaped nobody.

Speechless were andrea muller-hahn and elke schneider, who completely renounced words and presented all thoughts in the form of printed paper. Highlight was the song "brother jakob" sung by them – of course in canon – and completely without (spoken) words.

Stars: with elvis presley (benedikt schuhmann), a stoner bob marley (christian ger-lach) and the lightly dressed shakira (felix dorn) "talented world class musicians" showed up on the FSV stage, who even managed to "play the piano without hand".

The men's dance group from singenrainer, the show dance group from schwarzelbach and the women's soccer team from FSV were very impressive.

Snapper hunters (margit sixt, olga spahn, inge wiebner, edith klement and FSV chairwoman christiane heil) were looking forward to the melody of "on days like this – this was the motto of the butte evening – about the newly opened geschaft macgeiz in the "shopping metropolis of our region" bath bruckenau.

The synchronized swimmers patrick hahn and andre sixt were agile. In front of a beautiful backdrop they dived into the depths of the sea bottom, unfortunately it took a "cruel" for both of them because of a shark end: instead of the leg only a bone was dangling. Also the "limberness" had its limits: because they had borrowed the legs and hands of marc schuhmann and markus heil as well.

The singing circle brought the evening to a close with the tin can company: the ladies relentlessly took a close look at what was happening in the village. The program was livened up with sketches, the youth group delighted the audience with their acting talent.