Meeting room has had its day after 52 years

Meeting room has had its day after 52 years

What has the meeting room not experienced in the past half century?. At least 2,500 meetings of the city council and its committees have been held, as mayor german hacker (SPD) projected on wednesday evening for the very last deliberations in the old location. In addition, there were countless meetings and information sessions. Not to forget the honorary evenings for deserving citizens and long-serving local politicians.

Most of the time, the proceedings were serious and orderly, but many decisions had to be made that were of great significance. And then it sometimes happened that the hall threatened to burst at the seams when the citizens’ interest was particularly aroused.

Its own charm

Despite all the seriousness and the necessary rigor, the meetings were held with a charm of their own and often with a good dose of humor. Of course – how else could you get through a five-hour budget debate?? These mammoth sessions were often held in earlier times. When wolfgang falck was head of the CSU parliamentary group, for example. He sometimes took up to two hours for a budget speech.

There have been many city councillors with rough edges in the last fifty years, and quite a few of them stood out because of their own sense of humor. Dr. Werner distler (SPD) usually analyzed the situation accurately and with polished words, while his colleagues gotthard lohmaier and konrad eitel tended to be more revolting. One man you had to like was georg erhardt from the CSU, whose speeches often made you smile.

Since april 1967

Sometimes the local politicians didn’t have a grip on the hallowed hall, then the fools were called upon. For at the start of carnival, the KCH regularly storms the town hall. Joyful and colorful reception for guests from all over the world.

Four mayors have "reigned" in the meeting room, which was occupied together with the new town hall in april 1967: hans maier (SPD), then the CSU politicians hans ort (from 1970) and hans lang (from 1990) and since 2008 the social democrat german hacker. In four or five years, depending on when the new city hall can be occupied, he would like to return to the old location as head of the city, but in a new, modern hall. In between, of course, lie the municipal elections in 2020.

Happy farewell

On wednesday, the members of the main and finance committee briefly raised their glasses to bid farewell to the hall. There was exceptionally also a sip of champagne allowed. Hacker recalled that in former times smoking was even allowed. Beer was not allowed.

And then the council plunged into the budget – for the last time in the old place, and behind closed doors, as preliminary budget discussions are wont to be.