Edwin and anne wagner: their love lasts 65 years

Edwin and anne wagner: their love lasts 65 years

Edwin and anne wagner recently celebrated their rare iron wedding anniversary in the closest family circle. Love at first sight for 65 years.

At that time, anne wagner was supposed to deliver a letter to the otto publishing house in bamberg for the print shop where she was working. At that time, the jubilarian was a publishing house clerk. When they met, there was an immediate spark between the two of them.

On whitsunday 1955, the young couple said "I do" to each other. For professional reasons, the couple initially lived in essen, where their daughter and son were born. Later they moved back to bamberg. Their second son was born here. Anne and edwin wagner have lived in their own house in the memmelsdorf suburb of drosendorf since 1973.

The celebrating couple are delighted to have four grown-up grandchildren. They are very proud of their great-granddaughter, who celebrates her third birthday this month. Despite their advanced age, both are in good mental and health condition and share numerous hobbies. For example, attending lectures by the professional association of catholics in business and administration, to which they have both belonged for many decades. Today they still attend educational seminars in the bamberg area.

The couple will also maintain the garden with a rough fruit and vegetable cultivation by themselves. Until last year, swimming in the pool in almost any weather was part of their daily program.

Recently, they were no longer able to pursue this passion due to the corona situation. A more formal celebration of the iron wedding anniversary will take place at a later date.