Police warn again of rat poison in heroldsbach

A few weeks ago, the forchheim police department had already warned that rat poison, which is no longer commercially available due to its highly toxic properties, was being laid out in the birkenweg area of heroldsbach.

This particular type of dioxin has, among other things, an active ingredient that leads not only to primary poisoning in the pests or other animals, but also to the death of the pigs. It is also a danger for birds of prey or similar animals that eat the dead or poisoned pests. There is still a danger – as is currently the case – that cats or dogs will ingest this active ingredient in the poison bags, carry it away and deposit it elsewhere in the vicinity of a playground or in private gardens where children are playing.

Forensic investigation

The toxic coders seized so far will be successively investigated by a specialist forensic department. The forchheim police department is once again appealing to parents in particular to report any such observations to the security authorities – primarily the forchheim police department or the municipality of heroldsbach.