Ikea founder ingvar kamprad is dead: how his furniture store became a global corporation

Ikea founder ingvar kamprad is dead: how his furniture store became a global corporation

This furniture store is mega famous: ikea with the yellow-blue logo. The letters have a lot to do with the man who founded the company. He heb ingvar kamprad.

On sunday, it was announced that he had died in his native sweden at the age of 91. This was announced by the company on sunday via the short message service twitter. According to the report, kamprad fell asleep peacefully in his home in the småland region. "Ingvar will be greatly missed and remembered by his family and by ikea employees around the world", hight hight hight.

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This is ikea:

The I of ikea stands for his first name, the K for his last name. The E is the first letter of elmtaryd. So the farm on which ingvar kamprad grew up in sweden. This farm is located near the village agunnaryd. That's where the letter A comes from.

Ingvar kamprad founded ikea more than 70 years ago, when he himself was still 17 years old (1943). In germany, the company opened on 17. October 1974 her first geschaft. Ingvar kamprad became very rich with the mobel business.

First there were pens, wallets, picture frames, table runners, watches, jewelry and nylon pantyhose on offer. Furniture was added in 1947, but it took almost ten years before the first furniture store was opened. Kamprad had the small man with the small purse in his sights from the beginning. He himself grew up among simple people in småland, sweden.

Ikea popular all over the world

His mobiles, which can be stowed away in handy packages, conquered the living rooms of the scandinavians and then those of the whole world. You can now buy billy shelves and the poang rocking chair in over 40 countries.

To save taxes, kamprad converted the company into a foundation based in the netherlands in 1982. The group now splits into many companies registered in liechtenstein, luxembourg, sweden and the netherlands.

In the 2015/2016 fiscal year (31. August), ikea had generated sales of 34.2 billion euros worldwide, 4.75 billion euros of which were generated in its main single market, germany. Global profit had increased from 3.5 to 4.2 billion euro.
Ikea currently operates 348 of its own stores and 45 shopping centers. At the end of the fiscal year, the group had 163,600 employees.