Travel industry buries spain downgrade

Travel industry buries spain downgrade

That spain is no longer classified as a high-risk area in germany is seen by the german travel association (DRV) as "good news, especially for families with children under 12".

Especially this young target group could not be vaccinated and therefore had no chance to avoid the quarantine, the DRV said on request. "The lifting of the classification is a clear facilitation for the travel of families ? Not only for the summer vacations, which end in mid september at the latest, but also for the upcoming autumn holidays."

Germany’s largest travel group tui expects demand for bookings to pick up after the decision, especially from families. "This now gives another push for families in particular, who no longer have to put their children in quarantines," tui spokesman aage dunhaupt said on friday. This would also provide more planning security for the autumn vacations, for example for popular travel destinations such as majorca.

The DRV also reiterated on friday its call for a move away from a purely incidence-based approach to the classification of travelers. "Instead, the actual risk situation for travelers and the burden on the health system in the respective destination area must be given greater consideration."

Due to falling corona infection figures, the federal government on sunday removed the whole of spain, including the popular vacation island of mallorca, from the list of high-risk areas. This means that all quarantine regulations for holidaymakers returning from spain no longer apply. The coarse area of lisbon is also no longer a high-risk area as of sunday. But the only region in portugal that remains on the list is the popular algarve vacation region.

Countries and regions with a particularly high risk of infection are classified as high-risk areas. Unlike in the past, however, it is not only the number of infections that is decisive. Other criteria include the speed at which the virus is spreading, the burden on the health system, and the lack of data on the corona situation.