In kleingarnstadt, photovoltaics works like valerian?

In kleingarnstadt, photovoltaics works like valerian?

Bernd reisenweber (BG) has rummaged through the municipal archives and found a plan. "The bypass was already a topic in the 80s", says the ebersdorf mayor about a project that also occupied the district council on thursday. The relocation of the CO 11 county road out of the ebersdorf part of the community. There will now at least be a preliminary study for a possible route – that much was decided by the district council.

Background is a completely different project. An investor has inquired in ebersdorf whether he can build a 34-hectare free-standing photovoltaic plant on the high plateau near kleingarnstadt. It doesn’t make much sense to build a photovoltaic plant, if in a few years the excavators for the relocation of the CO 11 out of the village will start rolling. That’s why reisenweber has turned to the county – with the request that the bypass, which is firmly anchored in the county’s investment program, be defined a little more precisely in spatial terms. This can now happen. 40000 euro are available for a preliminary study.

There are a lot of cars driving up there

The current route of the circular road was built in the 1980s. At that time, no one was thinking of opening the border to thuringia, and the traffic flow in kleingarnstadt remained correspondingly narrow. But then came the opening of the border and with it a lot of traffic: 4076 vehicles (including 377 trucks) per day were paid in 2015. Today it could be much more. And as long as the truck toll makes the CO 11 a favorable route from south thuringia via neustadt and ebersdorf to the A 73, this will not change, suspects the ebersdorf mayor. "The call for a bypass is justified", therefore says bernd reisenweber. However, he did not conceal the fact that for many years, some of the landowners around kleingarnstadt had not even considered a bypass. What’s more, there were signals that the county would not get a square meter of land for a new road. Today, however, in view of the traffic load, that could be different, reisenweber suspects: "i could imagine that the county could have it easier by now than a few years ago." It was necessary, says reisenweber, because in some households close to the road "the nerves are on edge". So the photovoltaic tarpaulins could become valerian drops and force the construction of the bypass.

Reisenweber sees it as a unity

Once the idea of the kleingarnstadt bypass had been reactivated, neustadt’s mayor frank rebhan (SPD) urged the district council on thursday to "see the entire CO 11 in one context". Will heiben: also the extension of the slope at the "stiefvater" (stepfather) between neustadt and the blumenroder crossing not to be forgotten.

Here you can read the current state of affairs regarding the "stepfather"

"We need an overall concept", rebhan demanded and was thus able to open doors for bernd reisenweber – who was prevented from attending yesterday’s meeting of the district council on official business. The mayor of ebersdorf is also convinced that both projects must be treated with the same priority: "we have to see this as a single unit," says the mayor of ebersdorf. And in any case with higher priority than the construction of a photovoltaic plant, emphasized rainer mattern as chairman of the CSU-landvolk-fraction in the county council. "The primary goal must be to relieve the burden on the citizens of kleingarnstadt", demanded mattern and therefore set in his personal priority the bypass also before the stepfather rise. It could only be answered when the "kleingarnstadt question" was answered it has been clarified.

At the end of the day, the question of the timetable remains unanswered, at least during the public meeting of the district council. A little something in the flow seems to be. District administrator sebastian straubel (CSU/landvolk) indicated that there had been discussions at which the civil engineering department of the district office was also at the table: "we are working on the matter." However, it is also a fact that beyond the preliminary study, money for further planning is not planned in the investment program of the district until the year 2023. So bernd reisenweber’s forecast could well be realistic: "i don’t think i’ll still be working until the building is finished." Reisenweber’s current term ends in 2026.