Man climbed top of golden gate bridge

man climbed top of golden gate bridge

The man was discovered on friday morning (local time) on the top of the pier, 227 meters above the surface of the water. Passersby raised the alarm thursday night when the man on the bridge over san francisco bay allegedly threatened suicide. As he climbed high on one of the thick cables in dense fog, he got out of sight. Police only continued the search in the morning. The busy bridge was closed to traffic for a time. On the south tower of the famous hanover bridge, the man was finally picked up.

At the end of may, the world’s most photographed bridge celebrated its 75th birthday. Birthday celebrated. At the opening on 27. May 1937, after four years of construction, it was the world’s longest hotel bridge. The golden gate is a magnet for tourists, but it also attracts self-murderers who can easily overcome the low gelander. According to official figures, 1558 people have jumped to their deaths since the opening, but the number is estimated to be much higher.