Emergency call, call-out, complaint note: ambulance not parked well enough

emergency call, call-out, complaint note: ambulance not parked well enough

In frankfurt am main, a man collapsed in his apartment; relatives called the ambulance service. For the rescuers it was one of 140.000 missions per year. The emergency services parked the emergency vehicle in front of the entrance to the underground car park of a residential building. After the treatment, rescue assistant markus thiel returned to the emergency vehicle – and found a complaint note on the windshield:

On the note a resident complained about thiel's allegedly reckless parking. It said: "I understand that you are in a hurry. But moving back one meter had taken 10 seconds of their time and saved several residents inconvenience." What the angry resident obviously didn't know: thiel had deliberately positioned himself at the edge of the one-way street in a parking garage entrance so as not to obstruct the following traffic. The situation was stressful, it had to be done quickly.

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"He'll know what he's doing"

"An ambulance is parked according to tactical considerations", according to markus rock, spokesman for the frankfurt am main fire department. "They need space on the sides, but especially out the back, where the stretcher has to be loaded and unloaded." The resident, who wrote the complaint note, probably did not know that. "We need a leap of faith from the people here. According to the motto: he will already know what he is doing."

"Desolidarization of society

Such complaints have been piling up enormously in recent years, reports markus rock. "We speak of a desolidarization of society. I do not want to point out that our forces are more and more often mobbed and even attacked in the field. This is a phenomenon that affects the whole of society and all classes of society. One complains without really knowing what is important in such a situation. Everybody is after himself, has only his own interests in mind. The climate becomes more unpleasant."

With the publication of the complaint, the frankfurt rescuers also wanted to show what happens more and more often to the rescuers in their daily work, and to make people think about it. After all, you can always find yourself in a situation where you need help and every second counts.

The feedback on the publication of the note, according to rock, was 90 percent positive.