Vc eltmann is surprised by the last team in the league

Vc eltmann is surprised by the last team in the league

At the meeting in upper bavaria, the host had an almost perfect day. The VCE never really got into the game. VC eschenbacher eltmann actually wanted to extend its winning streak in the match against TSV muhldorf, which has been winless so far, in order to establish a good starting position before the direct duels against schwaig and deggendorf. This did not succeed against a host that suddenly played as if liberated, put the VCE under pressure the entire playing time and never let up.

Muhldorf defense grows beyond itself

After an arduous journey, the VC eschenbacher eltmann team had a little less time than usual to prepare for the match, but every player seemed physically fit for the start of the game. From the kick-off, however, muhldorf showed a performance that completely contradicted the previous performances in the volleyball regional league. Muhldorf impressed with strong serving and seemed to have a "golden day" in the defense around leonhard tille, the brother of national team libero ferdinand to have caught. Hardly an attack ball of the VCE came directly on the ground, muhldorf scratched out the balls in partly impossible situations and then also concluded the game with powerful attack shots. On the other hand, the eltmanners also failed to win such games. The description of the first sentence fits almost all three sections of the game.

Now in sixth place

In the third round, the team of VC eschenbacher eltmann seemed demoralized towards the end, got no chance from the opponents to find their way back into the game, and all in all deserved to lose the match 0:3. The result of the third set, 15:25 from the viewpoint of the bavarians, underlines the fact that the bavarians were the better team on this evening. VC eschenbacher eltmann is now in sixth place in the table with 12:12 points. Next weekend, it will host SV schwaig, the fifth-place team with 12:10 points. Until then, the VCE will have to work hard on tactics and coordination in training to avoid another defeat.