Volkacher spice up construction fence

Volkacher spice up construction fence

The fire and subsequent demolition of an old building in the immediate vicinity of volkach’s market square left an unsightly gap in the old town ensemble last july. It is still unclear when the ruined building will completely disappear and be replaced by a new structure. Currently, the land is up for auction by a bank. In order to make the outfit of the site a little more friendly during the peak tourist season, the city of volkach, together with its conversion manager christoph hagen, came up with an idea.

In order to spare the unattractive construction fence and to prepare passers-by for the upcoming work as a rough challenge in the old town, colorful banners were attached to the construction fence on friday. The huge picture boards offer not only historical views but also the change of time with a view to 2014. The banners show, among other things, a cross-section of the occupational groups in the wine city in the change of the centuries.

"Something is developing in our old town", is the motto of the "makers, also pointing to the start of work in the lower part of hauptstrabe in a few months time. For christoph hagen, this is one of the first projects in volkach that he is carrying out as part of the conversion management of kitzinger land. The reduction in the number of military personnel at the federal army barracks in volkach and the departure of the u.S. Soldiers have resulted in a loss of purchasing power and around 300 vacant apartments, among other things. In order to compensate for the negative effects of the conversion on the cities of kitzingen and volkach as well as on the region and to further develop the business location in a sustainable manner, two conversion managers, christoph hagen and michael demus, are currently working on the topics of land management and energy and climate protection.

Area management focuses on the inner cities of kitzingen and volkach. Various measures are being developed and implemented with the aim of reducing existing store vacancies and increasing the quality of stay and attractiveness of the area. Special importance will be attached to cooperation with businesses, property owners, the town marketing association and the town councils. "In volkach, the main thing is to fight vacancies and make the old town more attractive", project coordinator hagen said on friday. The banners were to create an unsightly gap and illustrate the challenge of the future transformation of the city center.

"To ensure safety, the construction fence had to be erected", explained mayor peter kornell (G). Visually, the building’s location near the town hall is not exactly advantageous. The new transparencies will cover up the ruined building to such an extent that it is "visually contractually acceptable". Kornell expects that the auction of the land will be completed in the summer and that a new investor will be able to start planning the project. "It will certainly be a whole year before anything is built here."