Singing is simply fun

The "true friendship" choral society kulmbach-leuchau is able to maintain its singing operations despite a drop in the number of active members. Chairman roswitha schneider was pleased about this at the annual general meeting in the club’s pub "hubertushohe".

Balanced voices

"The atmosphere is very balanced and harmonious, and everyone always does their best to ensure that this continues to be the case" , praised choir director carmen wich. She also expressed confidence "that this can continue for quite a long time".
Secretary adele magin recalled all dates and events of the past year, and the list was quite impressive. With well over 20 appointments we were quite busy. Among other things, there were birthday parties, song and honorary evenings, as well as song contributions at the kerwa and in church services. The benefit concert for the opening of the new kindergarten in the mangersreuth church was of course supported by the club with pleasure.
Financially, the singing club also has nothing to worry about. This was stated by the head treasurer hannelore wich in her detailed report.
In the end, everyone agreed: it will definitely continue as long as this is somehow possible. The singers don’t want to be deprived of the pleasure of singing.
Singing hour is by the way every wednesday at 20 o’clock in the "hubertushohe", guests are always welcome.