Grune does not want a shopping center at etwashauser station

Grune does not want a shopping center at etwashauser station

The kitzinger grunen are in favor of an urban redevelopment of the railroad station land in sthashausen, using the ecological potential of the flat area. The chairwoman of the city council faction andrea schmidt would like to see citizen participation before a development plan procedure is initiated. This is what the party writes in a press release.

The greens argue: "instead of further massive building and flat sealing, the land should be used in the form of a green corridor with recreational areas. A reforestation or green area would be a great gain in the quality of stay for the residential area of sthashausen. Especially in midsummer temperatures, trees provide a noticeable cooling effect."

Keep planning authority in city hands

Due to the coarseness of the area, there is also the possibility of realizing residential buildings on a part of it. Schmidt: "I don’t understand why the city once again wants to give planning authority out of its hands and almost unthinkingly follow the plans of an investor for whom there are no weighty arguments."

From the point of view of the greens, the investor’s plan to build a discount store, a full-range store and a drugstore on the site is "completely at odds with kitzingen’s oversupply in the food segment". A recent study by the university of wurzburg commissioned by the wurzburg-sweinfurt chamber of commerce and industry clearly shows that the center of kitzingen already has a very good local supply. According to local association spokeswoman eva trapp, the consequences for the city center were also not considered: "it is questionable whether the discounter norma and the drugstore rossmann will remain loyal to the city center if coarser flats and more parking spaces are offered outside the city center. The city itself is contributing to the sell-out of the city center – contrary to the center concept."

The greens also criticize the flat sealing of up to 5000 square meters by the planned buildings as well as more than 200 parking spaces on this area. Kitzingen holds already now with scarcely 60 per cent flat sealing the sad record in lower franconia. In addition, an important fresh-air corridor was impaired and residents were subjected to more noise and pollution. Schmidt: "the consequences of climate change affect kitzingen strongly and must finally have consequences on the actions in the city council: economical land policy and decisions towards more sustainability should therefore be the top priority", ends the press release.