Reunion of two music clubs

Reunion of two music clubs

The music society and the obermaintaler youth band have common roots, which go back to a brass band founded in 1873. It may have been personal sensitivities that led to the breakup more than 40 years ago. Since 1971, there have been two independent wind music associations in ebensfeld.
But this should soon belong to the past. On friday, 29. June, the members are in demand: if 75 percent of the members present at the merger meeting decide in favor of a merger, there will only be one music association in ebensfeld in the future, the "musikvereinigung ebensfeld e". V."
Now, so close to the goal, the chairmen of both associations are optimistic. Why it came to the split at that time, nobody knows exactly anymore. "When we became big, there were already no more contact points", the chairman of the music association, rudolf dierauf, recalls during a press interview. "Both clubs rehearsed at the school on friday night, but separately in different rooms", adds otto weidner, press officer of the obermaintal youth band.
Now what has been separated for more than four decades is to come together. In seven committee meetings, the "reunification" was completed on the way. The structure of the board and the duration of the election period were also discussed, and a completely new constitution was drawn up in accordance with the current legal regulations.
The advantages of a merger are obvious, not only from a musical point of view. It also makes sense from a financial and organizational point of view to use synergy effects. There are also advantages in the area of youth work, because there are no longer enough young people for two independent brass bands due to the demographic development.

More diverse musical palette

in the adult section, with more musicians, a more diverse musical direction would have been possible. "Both orchestras will continue to exist, but will perform together", dierauf explains. As one of the few bands in the district of lichtenfels, the obermaintaler take part again and again in the performance competitions, the rating games of the north bavarian music federation. This would now also be possible for a larger number of members.
The musikverein currently has 339 members, the obermaintaler 284. After the merger, the "musikvereinigung ebensfeld" (ebensfeld music association) the second largest association in the market town and the largest music association in the county.

How should the fusion look like?

"The merger is a merging of two associations at eye level", underlines dierauf. Since neither of the two associations was forced to do so, the step could be taken calmly. In the run-up to the "reunification the responsible persons have thought about how to do it. A dissolution with a subsequent re-launch was not up for discussion. "You only lose members", explains otto weidner of the obermaintalers. A merger of the two associations seemed to be the only practicable way for the executive committees. There are hardly any examples in lichtenfels county of how something like this could be organized, or what legal requirements must be in place for it to happen.
"Benedikt kruger has really taken the matter in his stride", praise dierauf and weidner. The deputy chairman of the music association has clarified the legal and financial side, has talked to the relevant authorities and offices. "Often I had to explain what a merger is", reports kruger. In the meantime, all the necessary preconditions have been completed.
The notarized merger agreement, the merger report of the boards of directors, the annual financial statements and the planned articles of association will be available until friday, 29th of friday. June, open for inspection at ebensfeld town hall and neumann stationery shop.

First separate meetings

on 29. June at 19.30 o’clock the merger meeting takes place in the grebano hall in ebensfeld, which starts with an extraordinary, organizationally separate meeting of the members of both clubs. All members are invited to attend, as are interested members of the public at the merger meeting.
So that from two associations again one association, the "music association ebensfeld" , 75 percent of the members present must give their consent. Dierauf, weidner and kruger are optimistic that this will succeed.